Saturday, November 26, 2011

exchange from Shannon!

Ahhh, now that I'm finally back home, I can share pictures of the lovely exchange I received from Shannon!  I received the package at least a week ago (sorry, can't remember the exact date) so these pictures are very late!

Check out this pretty design!  It's finished as a very fluffy pillow that has a lot of squish.  It's fun to squeeze. :)  Be sure to look at the bigger image so you can see the over-one stitching!

And this is the full package of goodies!  There's some nice backing fabrics that I'll be using for more ornaments, a cute pad of sticky notes, a skein of thread, beads, a pencil, and of course, a card. :)

Thank you Shannon!  I hope you enjoyed my exchange as much as I like yours!  Here's what I sent out to Shannon...

More exchanges to be posted when they arrive! :p


  1. Love both exchanges that you sent and received!!

  2. Lovely exchange packages both sent and recieved

  3. beautiful exchange gifts..both sent and xx

  4. what lovely exchanges that would be awesome to receive in the mail :D

  5. I'm glad you liked it and had fun squishing it LOL!!! :)


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