Saturday, October 01, 2011

goals & a giveaway!

Let's review my goals for September.  Where DID September go?

September 2011:
- spend at least 25 hours on Cirque - not even close (about 6 hours)
- complete trunk & nearby flowers on Tree of Hope  - well, no, but I'm working on the tree part again!
- finish knitting the washcloth - nope, only halfway done
- start a new knitting project (SOCKS!) - and no again!

Hmm, that's pretty pathetic.  But I did have these unplanned starts AND finishes:
- Sunflower Fairy (Nora Corbett)
- candle ornament (Dimensions)
- Tree of Stitches (Abi Gurden)
- plus a start on a SECRET PROJECT oooooh!

All in all, a good month for stitching. :)

How about some realistic goals for October? :p

October 2011:
- stitch Measi's exchange ornament
- stitch Shannon's exchange ornament
- finish the treetop on Tree of Hope
- spend at least 10 hours on Cirque

And for the giveaway (no, it's not mine, though I have plans for one soon!) - Kay of Kay's Random World is having a sweet Christmas giveaway at her blog!  Check it out and become a follower. :)


  1. Here's hoping you meet all of your goals for October!!! And you met part of several of your goals for Sept, so don't feel too bad.


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