Tuesday, October 11, 2011

crazy treetop

Don't forget my giveaway!  The deadline for entering is tomorrow!  There's two prizes up for grabs and only 19 comments so far, so you still have a good chance. :D

Odd, my tags (excuse me, labels, whatever) aren't showing up for me to click.  Hopefully my posts haven't magically become untagged! >.<

I've been quiet, but I'm stitching!  I'm working on an ornament for an exchange, so I can't show that here, boo.  But Tree of Hope is slowly growing!  Here's what it looked like last month (and the month before that, haha):

And here's how that gigantic treetop looks now.  I'll finish up the rest of the orange today.  Yay to my GF for doing all the filling in between the leaves.  Yes, I cheat. :p

Need to hurry and finish that orange because the Ink Circles SAL starts today and I HAVE to get some of Cirque done this month or I'll be really disappointed with myself.  BACK TO WORK!


  1. Wow, how pretty it is! Can't wait to see this one finished. :)

  2. Me too, haha! I'm starting to feel like this is the endless tree of doom, and that's WITH help stitching it! I think the rest will be a breeze once the giant lollipop is finished. :p

  3. This is so gorgeous - love the colours!

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  4. Great progress, it is looking lovely

  5. Wow, it looks wonderful! And go you for having help filling it in! If I had that opportunity, I would jump on it! My stitching might actually get finished every now and then, haha.

    Looking forward to seeing your Cirque!

  6. woow..it is looking so stunning..
    keep well dear..hugs for you xx

  7. Lovely stitching! I found your blog through the IHWS sign up and I look forward to visiting often!

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