Sunday, September 04, 2011

the tree is growing :)

Here we are, more of the lovely Tree of Stitches!  I think I'm on part 7 or 8 now, though not all of my progress is shown in these photos.  The two little green stitches have been joined by most of their buddies, but I haven't taken a more recent picture yet.  Next time. :)

So here's the full tree.  You'll notice that french knots have still not made their appearance. :p

And a closeup of everything.  Of all the stitches so far, I have to say cushion stitch is my favorite, the pink/purple ones that look all fluffy like pillows.

Jerusalem stitch (topmost blue), on the other hand, can go rot in a ditch somewhere.  It's a vertical version of rice stitch (the center blue) but because it's vertical, it just looks like a miserable blob.  The long bottom legs get lost and you can't see them sticking out at all.  Or maybe I just fail at stitching!  We may never know...

I wonder how much I can finish over this long weekend... :p


  1. Very pretty! I'm planning to stitch this one soon. I have to figure out what flosses I'm going to use though.

  2. The cushion stitches were my favorite too! I'm just a little bit ahead of you; I finished my Norwich stitches last night. I really like those also.

    I think Jerusalem stitches just look like little blobs regardless! I know mine sure do!

    Your tree is shaping up nicely!


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