Thursday, September 29, 2011

sadness is...

...wanting to start something OMG RIGHT NOW!!! and not having the right fabric on hand.  Or in this case, having the right fabric, but just a bit too small, and I've already learned my lesson about squeezing things in on fabric that's not big enough.  Sigh, grumble, pout, etc.  Now I have to hope one of the local big box craft stores has some cream Belfast in stock, because sometimes they do... and sometimes they don't!

That's okay, I need to head in that direction to get my illustrious community college student ID anyway.  Can't buy the student edition of CS5 without that as proof of my broke peon status. :p

Anyway!  Whining and rambling aside, I do have a small finish!  The comments on my Sunflower Fairy seemed pretty evenly divided between Cirque and Tree of Hope, so of course it was logical to do something completely different.  Riiiiiight?

This is the companion to the tree ornament I did about a year ago.  Only took me two days to stitch, then some slacking off before actually finishing it into an ornament.  Have to get some practice before working on my ornament exchanges for Measi and Shannon, after all. :)

I think I'll divide my stitching time between Cirque and Tree of Hope, since my GF has volunteered to help fill in the solid areas around the leaves on ToH.  Don't want to lose out on the opportunity to have someone else do half my work for me! :p

But if I manage to get my fabric, you bet your behind I'm starting something new!  Unfortunately, I won't be able to blog about it at all because it's my GF's Christmas present and she reads the blog, so... no news on that until the end of the year.  Or earlier, if I cave and give it to her early because I'm a sucker like that. XD

EDIT:  Mission accomplished, linen has been obtained, no thanks to Hobby Lobby for jacking up the price four bucks on a FQ of Belfast.  And no thanks to me for leaving my 40% off coupon on my desk. *facepalm*  Also, the community college can bite me, I've been there FOUR TIMES trying to get my ID and every time there's some BS reason why no one is available to do it.  RAWR!


  1. This is a beautiful ornament! I need to get cracking on some ornaments for this year...

  2. Love this!! It's just beautiful! :D


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