Monday, September 19, 2011

IHSW results

Nyoops, I forgot to post about my participation in this month's International Hermit & Stitch Weekend before taking part, but I guess I was too excited about it.  Here are the results!  It looks like more than one person can do, and it is... I had my GF help out a bit and we kind of switched off between these two pieces. :p

Tree of Hope got some love, and now has a ton of leaves on the right side of the tree:

And Sunflower Fairy has something to stand on and the promise of a ton of petals!

I think I'll focus on the fairy until she's done, since I need her framed and ready by early October.  Eeep.

Update for Kate (and anyone else who might be curious!):  The fabric for both pieces is 32ct raw linen (the color is actually called raw).  The fairy's linen has been tea-dyed to be a bit darker, but it's hard to see the difference in the pictures.  In real life, the fairy's linen is more brown, while the tree's fabric (not dyed) is slightly grey. :)


  1. Great progress, I can already see that both pieces are going to be gorgeous when they're finished! :)

  2. Loads of progress!! Your tree looks gorgeous and that fairy is so pretty!!

  3. Fab progress, your pictures are lovely !!!

  4. Oh oooooh!!!!! They look awesome, Rahenna. You've gotten so much done on your tree, and Fairy is looking great. I'm glad you had fun stitching together with your GF. :D Double the fun... hehehe.

  5. Did you choose the fabric colour yourself or was it part of a kit? Whichever it is a great choice and both designs look really earthy and organic. I cant wait to see the final pieces.

  6. what a great progress on both projects :) Congratulations :)

  7. Beautiful stitching on your works. I'm partial to your Tree design. I may just have to order this.


  8. Both of these are beautiful!! Great progress on these!

  9. Hi,

    I really loved both pieces, the sunflower fairy is almost ready!


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