Tuesday, September 06, 2011

the bucket list :p

I was updating my stash inventory since we bought some kits during Joann's sale a while back (40% off plus free shipping? yes plz!) and I don't want to risk getting something twice.

Then I looked closely at that list and said:
Self, are you ever going to be able to finish even half of that stuff?
Of course, the answer is NO.  But what am I realistically going to stitch?  Hmm.

Time for my bucket list!

I'll definitely finish my current WIPs.  They wouldn't be WIPs if I didn't love them. :)

- Angel Procession (TW)
- Tree of Hope (Mirabilia)
- Titania (Mirabilia)
- Cirque des Cercles (Ink Circles)
- Tree of Stitches (Abi Gurden)

Now, as for the rest?  I'll pick my top ten, that sounds fair. :)

- Bluebeard's Princess (Mirabilia)
- Dragonfly Pond (Dimensions)
- Fall Fairy (Dimensions)
- Finery of Nature (Dimensions)
- Flowers and Lace (Dimensions)
- Night (TW)
- South Seas Mermaid (Mirabilia)
- Woodland Faerie (TW)
- old world map with mermaids (magazine pattern)
- annnd one of those cute bird stamp Christmas ornaments (Dimensions)

Don't mock my love of Dimensions kits, they are awesome and I won't listen to anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.  ALSO MERMAIDS ARE COOL. :p

Let's see how well I stick to this.  Obviously, no new starts until I finish something!


  1. I too like the Dimensions kits. They are quite complex and that draws me. I love Titania, and have it myself. It's not a WIP yet, lol. I don't know how you picked only ten things though. I could never do that!!

  2. I have a Dimensions Advent Calender on the go at the moment and the gold kit of Woodland Enchantress on my list to start in January...

  3. don't worry your not the only one liking Dimensions, I just love their X-mas kits, I think they are so cute :)

  4. I like Dimensions kits too. Have done many of them, will probably do many more. :)


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