Monday, August 29, 2011

Cirque again :)

Okay, this is me trying to actually use the built-in image upload instead of sticking stuff on my own site and linking it. Let's see what happens...

Here we are, Cirque at 57 hours! I think I'll continue with the outlining until I can't do any more without repositioning the snaps, then go back and fill in the patterns. Sounds like a plan.

Speaking of plans, if you're already thinking of your 2012 stitching, you should check out the 2012 WIPocalypse @ Measi's blog. :p

May as well check in with my goals since the month's nearly over!

August 2011:
- finish Garden Party done!
- spend at least 10 hours on Tree of Hope not sure, I forgot to track my time!
- stitch and send Laural's RR done!
- start a new knitting project (maybe socks?) done, but it's a washcloth :p

And some new ones. :)

September 2011:
- spend at least 25 hours on Cirque (cuz I actually track time on this :p)
- complete trunk & nearby flowers on Tree of Hope
- finish knitting the washcloth
- start a new knitting project (SOCKS!)


  1. I really love the colours you are using for Cirque. They are so vibrant! Usually I see this piece done with one colour in variegated threads so its nice to see the effect of multiple colours! Great progress! Good luck with Meari's WIPocalypse!!

  2. You're amazing with Cirque! I really wouldn't be able to stitch all the black, I'd be too tempted to add some colour. And the colours you chose for this piece are awesome too. Good luck with Measi's Wipocalypse, I joined last night too! My evil plan now is to make a bunch of starts before the end of the year, and have lots of wips for the next year's SAL, lol! >:D

  3. I love your colors on this Rahenna! It's so delightful!!! :D

  4. Love your Cirque! Congratulations on all the accomplishments this month. You deserve a pat on the back! :)

  5. Glad you made most of your goals. (You may have actually made all of them, grin!!) Grats to you on your progress. CdC looks good. I have twenty projects in my rotation, and so I'll be doing the WIPacolypse too. It's gonna be fun!!!

  6. This may be my most favorite version of Cirque I've seen yet. I LOVE the colors!


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