Monday, August 29, 2011

Cirque again :)

Okay, this is me trying to actually use the built-in image upload instead of sticking stuff on my own site and linking it. Let's see what happens...

Here we are, Cirque at 57 hours! I think I'll continue with the outlining until I can't do any more without repositioning the snaps, then go back and fill in the patterns. Sounds like a plan.

Speaking of plans, if you're already thinking of your 2012 stitching, you should check out the 2012 WIPocalypse @ Measi's blog. :p

May as well check in with my goals since the month's nearly over!

August 2011:
- finish Garden Party done!
- spend at least 10 hours on Tree of Hope not sure, I forgot to track my time!
- stitch and send Laural's RR done!
- start a new knitting project (maybe socks?) done, but it's a washcloth :p

And some new ones. :)

September 2011:
- spend at least 25 hours on Cirque (cuz I actually track time on this :p)
- complete trunk & nearby flowers on Tree of Hope
- finish knitting the washcloth
- start a new knitting project (SOCKS!)

Friday, August 26, 2011

not usually this efficient

Okay, this doesn't usually happen but I finished something else! I had a small Dimensions kit, Birds and Swirls, that I started a while back, but all I finished was the border full of half stitches. Yesterday I pulled out the kit and decided to get to work. Thanks to some boredom and lots of TV (read also: Doctor Who :p), here's another finish. :)

click here for full size! :D

Actually, I wouldn't look too closely at that scan. I hate stitching on 18 count fabric, the threads pile up and look miserable. I swear my stitching isn't always this nasty. :x But I did all the lazy daisies LIKE A BOSS, so you can look at those. :p

And all framed up!

click here for full size! :D

Watch out, this second picture is HUGE. :p

I'm out of small WIPs so I guess the next finish will be a ways off. Or I could cheat and start another small. :p

Current WIPs:
- Tree of Hope (Mirabilia)
- Titania (Mirabilia)
- Cirque des Cercles (Ink Circles)
- Angel Procession (Teresa Wentzler)
- Dragonfly Pond (Dimensions kit)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a small secret finish!

I've been working on a secret project for the last two days, but since it's a small, all the stitching is done. :D This is Enchantment by The Sweetheart Tree, which has been sitting in the stash all kitted up for ages. We were looking through the stash over the weekend and fondling the pretties. I could tell my GF was pretty sad that something so small and pretty was just sitting there, so I decided to make it for her as a surprise. :D

She hasn't seen it yet, but I'll give it to her tonight and let her decide how it should be finished.

Not too shabby for two days of work! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

IHSW results :)

Okay, here are the results from International Hermit and Stitch Weekend!

Garden Party is all done, finally! By the time I got to the butterfly I kind of wanted to poke my eyes out with my needle because I was so tired of the huge, tedious frames around each insect. I'm not too thrilled with the design of the butterfly either, it seems very plain and boring compared to the other bugs. Maybe I just don't like that shade of blue...

click here for full size! :D

And the whole thing. Yes, I know I'm bad at taking photos. :x

click here for full size! :D

I wish I knew how long it took me to do things. The butterfly block only took three days once I made myself sit down and just DO IT. But as for the hours... no idea. Probably a useless figure anyway as we were watching Doctor Who, so I'm sure I spent at least half the time drooling openmouthed at the TV. :p

Tree of Hope got some love too. Not all of this progress is from the weekend, though! I worked on the branches on the right side of the tree, and the lightest colored leaves just to the left of the center, near the top. I think I finished all the leaves of that color on the left side of the tree.

Still not even halfway done with the tree! I may give up on that area for now and work my way down the trunk, stitch a maiden or something instead. :p

click here for full size! :D

Well, at least one thing's been knocked off the WIP list. ONWARD!

Friday, August 19, 2011

note to self!

Just need to remind myself that I signed up for International Hermit and Stitch Weekend this month, so I'd better not forget to post my progress pics on Monday! :p

Nearly finished with Garden Party now, finished up the bumblebee block this week and started the last one, butterfly, two days ago. Thanks to evening Doctor Who marathons, I'm at least 2/3 of the way done and will likely be finishing today! Then it's back to Tree of Hope for me. :)

Oh, the camera is magically working with my compy again! Here we go, progress!

click here for full size! :D

And yes, I WAS fabulously mature and took a progress pic when Butterfly was just Butt! I REFUSE TO GROW UP. :p

Sunday, August 07, 2011

goals for August

Thought I'd start tracking my goals. :)

August 2011:
- finish Garden Party
- spend at least 10 hours on Tree of Hope
- stitch and send Laural's RR
- start a new knitting project (maybe socks?)

Hmm, maybe that's too easy, but it's good to have achievable goals. :p

Saturday, August 06, 2011

planning for post-RR stitchy life!

Been working on RRs so long that it's hard to remember what was going on before I started them! Now, don't get me wrong, round robins are excellent and I've loved having the chance to work on so many things without the responsiblity of finishing them (heh heh heh) but I'm glad that the end is drawing near so I can devote some quality time to my own projects too.

Here's what I have in the works!
- Tree of Hope (Mirabilia)
- Titania (Mirabilia)
- Garden Party (Country Cottage Needleworks)
- Cirque des Cercles (Ink Circles)
- Angel Procession (Teresa Wentzler) - lots of progress thanks to the RRs! :D
- Dragonfly Pond (Dimensions kit)
- small bird project (Dimensions kit)

I'm going after Garden Party as my next finish as it's pretty small and I'm already around 65% done. From there, I'll probably tackle the small Dimensions kit since... it's small. :p

After that, who knows? Titania has been lingering for years, and Angel Procession is my oldest WIP. I made a huge dent in Tree of Hope after just a couple of weeks, though, so I might keep on that since I love the design. Cirque needs some love too! And Dragonfly Pond has so little done that I'm just going to frog the entire thing since I'm swapping out the metallic threads anyway.

Other things I wanted to start soon...
- Woodland Faerie (Teresa Wentzler)
- Bluebeard's Princess (Mirabilia)
- South Seas Mermaid (Mirabilia)
- old world map w/mermaids (magazine design)
- Flowers and Lace (Dimensions kit)


Stash levels are reaching critical mass as well. I ordered 9 FQs from Picture This Plus during their July sale, and just today ordered about 10 FQs from Silkweaver (I had a 30% off coupon, what did you expect?) and then 8 FQs from Polstitches to finish setting the budget on fire. And now that I think of it, I forgot to order a grab bag.

So. I think that'll have to be it for the year! In my defense, I've been selling a lot of random junk on eBay recently and most of the money came from those sales, so it's not as bad as it sounds. :3

Anyway, thinking of doing a giveaway soon! What kind of stuff is good for that? I have a few FQs from Silkweaver that I've pulled out of my stash because I'll never use them... one of those would be a nice gift, wouldn't it? Also sorted the DMC (in drawers, even!) and have a bunch leftover. Might be a nice option for someone overseas where it costs a ton!

Okay, too much rambling and no pictures so I'll zip it now!