Thursday, June 02, 2011

MM is done!

BAM. Finished Mediterranean Mermaid over the long weekend, but of course I was too lazy to post until now! She's really close to the edge on both sides, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that her tail has a little more room. I'll probably just sew a strip of fabric to both sides so I can frame her - I still have plenty of the fabric seeing as I was so stingy with how much I used for her!

I still need to order the swarovski crystals that go on her, but I'll pick them up next time I order from Artbeads. Seriously, all these "treasures" and stuff are outrageously priced. The teardrops for this lovely lady are 66 CENTS EACH. The best price I saw on the repackaged "treasures" was $2.30 EACH. Where's my eyeroll smiley?

Anyway, enough snarking! Here's the beaded babe. :) I changed her tail to grey - as much as I like green, it seemed totally out of place. I also swapped out whatever the other treasures were for some 4mm blue swarovski bicones I had on hand, much prettier than the dark ones originally used. Oh, and her lips are a nice red, not a pale pink. WAIT, one more - I gave her more of a bust, because mermaids aren't supposed to be flat-chested! :p

I'm very satisfied with the changes I made... but I think I'll have to go back and give her an eyebrow before I'm totally content! :p

Next up... Cirque des Cercles!


  1. Very pretty! I almost always make changes to my stitching. I think it helps make each piece unique to that stitcher which in my opinion, makes it that much more special.

  2. Congrats! She looks spectacular!
    So wait, it's cheaper to buy the treasures from somewhere other than MH/my local LNS?

  3. Thanks Rebekah! I usually don't make changes, but now that I know I can without blowing things up... :)

    Blu, yeah, a lot of the treasures are just standard swarovski crystals or other beads. If you look up the MH number online, you can usually find a description of the size and a good picture. Then I go to Artbeads to find it cheaper, since they will sell just ONE bead instead of having a minimum order. Their shipping to Canada is only $2, so you'd easily come out ahead even if you only get a few beads. :)

    They also sell Delicas (repackaged as "magnifica" beads) and other seed beads. Just look for size 11 seed beads to substitute for the standard MH ones. :3

    Oh, and some of the pressed glass beads look awfully similar to other treasures...

    Haha, sorry to talk your ear off. Beading is my other crafty thing. :D

  4. I also made my Mermaid with red lips. The light pink color called for made her look terrible! You did a BEAUTIFUL usual!

  5. Hi Rahenna
    do you have a list of the grey colours you converted to? It's lovely


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