Tuesday, May 24, 2011

finally more progress!

Work and other RL things have been cutting in to stitchy time, but I finally have enough to warrant an update. :)

click here for full size! :D

click here for full size! :D

As you can see, I'm dangerously close to the edge here. :( I thought the fabric was 32 count, and it's actually 28 count... and the design would have had only about 1.25 inches left on either side on the 32 count. So now I'm stuck with even less. I'm not sure how I'm going to frame her when I'm done. I may cave and take her to a framer this time instead of doing it myself as usual, because there is just NO room for error here.

Bah. Anyway, even though I'm beading, she's still missing her tail fin! I'm changing it from green to grey because I saw one with that modification and liked it a LOT more than the green tail. Even though green is my favorite color. :p


  1. She's looking gorgeous!
    But wow that's a tiny margin :O

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty upset about the tiny amount of space left. I didn't realize my error until I had a good portion of her done, and I decided to continue since my quick mental math said she'd still fit. Well, that and I'd already cut the fabric and would've needed to buy a new piece if I wanted to stay with the same color!

    Bah. It'll work out, even if she ends up as a wall hanging or something. Plenty of space left on top and bottom. :)


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