Saturday, April 09, 2011

a dragonfly appears :p

Finally finished up the dragonfly block of the Garden Party series. The border for the bumblebee block is coming along as well, but I want to work on something else for a while (figures). Well, here it is!

[missing image needs to be uploaded again]

What to do now? I can...
- continue with the bumblebee block
- start Mediterranean Mermaid
- work on Titania
- work on Cirque des Cercles
- or say screw it all and play video games for the rest of the weekend XD


  1. Cute block! The blue/purple border is such a pretty colour.

    I say go for the video games!

  2. I decided to stick with this project for now since it goes rather quickly - I'm almost done with the blue border now. AND I spent plenty of quality time with games as well. :p


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