Friday, April 22, 2011

another mermaid?

Finally started Mediterranean Mermaid, after months of pining for it. She's coming together very quickly, I've only worked on her for five nights (maybe 2-3 hours each?) and there's already so much done!

click here for full size! :D

Let's see how much I can do in one weekend... *rubs hands together* Also, she's so SHINY, which is probably a big motivator. I like sparkly things and there's a lot of sparkle and beads going on here.

One small modification - the way she's charted, it's like she has negative boobs. HAHA NO. This is a MERMAID. (Seriously, her chest is concave!) So I rounded her out in the front a little. It's already stitched, but you really can't tell since there's no context for the boobage. :p

Oh, and I'll be changing her tail fin to grey as shown here. I love green, but it looks totally out of place on this design!

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