Monday, March 21, 2011

hi, I'm Rahenna, and I'm a stashaholic

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! I promise I'm still alive and stitching, but I don't have any new photos to show. I've made a lot of progress on the mermaid, and the GF has completed the center of Gathering Honey - minus the eight billion backstitches, naturally. :3

I've also done a bit on the CCN Garden Party bugs (remember those?) and have most of the frame completed for the next block, plus the top of the third block. I was on a loooong plane flight and worked on those areas since I didn't have scissors available. No fun doing anything that would use up LESS than a full thread.

So while I don't have any interesting stitchy pictures, I do have some stash pictures!

click here for full size! :D

This is a combined stash zone. The yarn (top left) is my GF's and will eventually become neat things like socks and shawls. And no, that's not ALL of her yarn. HA HA HA. XD

Next to the yarn, we have two tubs of XS fabric, and then the white basket of specialty threads on top. One box of fabric is aida (lots of colors, including a ton of cute Silkweaver sample sizes) and the other is all evenweaves. Both are exploding, so there's more fabric somewhere else that we'll see in a moment. And no, I didn't buy ALL of it myself; much of the fabric was inherited from my mom, who was quite a hoarder of shiny things.

Below that, there's my beading stash, which really needs to be cleaned out. I got a lot of things that were cute, cheap, or on clearance, and while it's pretty, I really only do beadweaving (with tiny seed beads and the like). My goal is to give away or sell everything I won't use, and just buy what I need for a project instead of having stash bloat.

And under THAT is some assorted larger jewelry related stuff that doesn't fit in project boxes.

click here for full size! :D

I TOLD you there was more yarn. XD XD The classy Carrabba's bag holds GF's in-progress knitting, the small red bag is for needles, and that white tub on the floor is the beginning of my jewelry stuff cleanout. Oh, the armchair that's barely peeking into the left of the picture has a box on it. That box has MORE XS fabric in it. Yeah, we have a problem. :p

click here for full size! :D

Okay, I know this doesn't look very impressive, but these three crates are stuffed full to exploding (in fact, the one in the middle IS exploding) with XS kits, charts, magazines, and doodads. The one on the right has magazines and charts held vertically in magazine organizers, and there's some unused q-snaps and such stuffed in the front of them. The one in the middle holds unopened large kits and a few boxes of bobbined thread. The one one the left holds small kits, chartpacks, tiny leaflets (think Sweetheart Tree and the like) and anything that didn't fit somewhere else.

The white plastic bag in the far right holds half of our DMC. There's a canvas tote bag there too that has the other half. I will never need to buy DMC again unless I run out of a particular color! The tubs under the bags are more jewelry stuff and miscellaneous crafty bits.

Again, I'll point out that we're a household of two stitchers AND that most of this stuff was inherited from my mom. She sold on eBay for many years but also collected a lot of items that caught her eye, even though she rarely stitched. I'm not completely innocent, of course... just mostly. :p

Oh, I almost forgot! The red bag sitting in front of the crates holds in-progress XS projects. It's thinned out a lot since I started this blog!

And that's the craft side of the library! The rest of the room is lined with bookcases and holds mostly books, but there's also some video games (we're total gamer girls), lots of Japanese magazines and comics, and a ton of dolls on display along the tops of the shelves. I guess that's what happens when you take two people who have been collecting for years and merge their goodies together. :)

So, guys, show me YOUR stash! *nosy*


  1. wow! That's a lot of stash!! I'm kind of jealous LOL!!

  2. I'm totally jealous! Who needs to go to a stitchy store? We can just go through all your stash.

    Will keep an eye out for you destashing of your beads. I love to collect them. I love to make scissor fobs and am willing to take some of it off your hands! :)

  3. Emily - Aww, thanks! Most of it belonged to my mom, and I'm still in the process of culling and selling off the things I know I'll never get to (or just don't like, but of course that's already been pulled!). I'd love to see your stash too! I'm insanely curious about other people's tastes in designs/kits and how they store things. I love sorting and organizing stuff, and getting new ideas for how to do it. :)

    Kttycat - Come on over and have a look! :) Maybe I'll take some more detailed photos of what's inside the crates for the next time I have nothing else to post. XD Oooh, that gives me an idea... maybe I'd be able to trade beady stash for stitchy stash? I'd love to swap some beads for leftover bits of hand-dyed threads...

  4. I'd be all for that! I just started using hand dyed threads but i'm willing to pick some stash up at my LNS in trade. And i'd love to make you and your gf some scissor fobs! I've run out of scissor so I can't make any more for myself. LOL


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