Friday, November 12, 2010

a new start!

Remember my colorful plan for Cirque des Cercles?
It's okay if you don't, because here it is again. XD

I got started this week! Here it is after 7.5 hours of work.

click here for full size! :D

Looking good! I put another 45 minutes in this evening and completed one of the flowers that's between the main circles (you can see it's just started here) and started on the green base for the one opposite. As for colors... I'm using the DMC color variations line for most of the colors. The brown is Crescent Colours Caterpillar, and the light green is GAST Spring Green. I need to find a suitable purple, and I'm not really liking the DMC dark blue because it has a lot of purple in it.

Oh, tragic, I'll have to look at pretty threads. :p


  1. Thank you! After seeing yours in so many posts, I could no longer resist! :)


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