Friday, October 01, 2010

ladybug! (again)

Finished the ladybug about 30 minutes ago. It's so cute when it's all done! I haven't stitched much in the last few days, but I'd say this took about a week, assuming about two hours of stitching time per night. Each side of the square took one weeknight, and I did the entire center over the span of one evening and some TV time today. :)

click here for full size! :D

Decided to do them all in a row! Dragonfly is next. :3 But... is that really what I want to do next? HAHAHA. I could work on Titania, or one of my round robins...

Or maybe start something new. I don't usually like Just Nan designs, but I couldn't resist picking up the chart and fabrics for Floral Fifteen. Love the colors! I also kitted up TW's Woodland Faerie, but the fabric I ordered won't be arriving until next weekend or so. Hmm...


  1. That lady bug is too cute!

    And that Woodland Faerie!! Holy cow is she gorgeous, and huge looking! :) Can't wait to see that one in progress :D

  2. What a cute finish! The tiny bugs around the big one are so cute!


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