Sunday, September 19, 2010

two completed ornaments

Finished my two latest ornaments today with lots of help from my girlfriend. She has a LOT more patience than I do when it comes to fussy details!

Annnnd that's all I have for today. :p

Just kidding. My girlfriend just finished the lazy daisies on her Sorceress (Dimensions) kit after much nagging from me. XD


  1. Oh I just love the sorceress. Your ornaments look pretty too!

  2. Thanks! The sorceress has been waiting so long for her french knots and lazy daisies. I felt bad for her. :) The ornaments were fun, but took me entirely too long to finish. Still learning! :)

  3. The ornaments are so cute! And the sorceress is cute too. I don't do ornaments because I have no talent for finishing. They are too cute though! :)

  4. Lovely ornaments! The sorceress is very cute!

  5. Thanks everyone! The ornaments were a challenge but the more I make, the easier it gets... though it's still taking a long time. But the results are worth it! Now I'm going to peek at all your blogs and see if there's any Christmas stitching going on there too. :)


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