Sunday, September 12, 2010

another ornament!

Finished a second ornament, same one as before, only this one's in pink. Well, it's not really finished, but I finished the stitching and will assemble it in the next couple of days and get it out to my friend Mab. :3

click here for full size! :D

Already working on the cute JBW star ornament from the JCS ornament issue. It's coming along quite nicely even though it's my first time stitching over one. No picture yet, unfortunately, I figure a progress picture for something that takes only a couple of hours is kind of lame. XD


  1. I was immediately attracted to this design, too - and funny that I'm thinking of changing the color. I've been debating overdyed reds and possibly one that's Christmas dyed so it goes back and forth from red to green.

  2. It looks great in green and pretty good in pink, so I imagine a green/red combo would be lovely too!

    Green version:

    Having a lovely time with your Magical Night, by the way! I'm trying to do as much backstitch as I can, and it's making a huge difference in how it looks. Adding some regular stitching too. :)


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