Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Finally posting a scan of my progress on Mirabilia's Titania. I've actually completed quite a bit more since this scan was done. The orange ribbon is completely filled in, and the end of it to the right is complete too.

Debating what to send around for the second UFO round robin. I have a number of things in progress but none are really UFOs, just kind of waiting while I plug away at Titania. :3 I might send Dragonfly Pond to get a bit of a boost on it. It's a bit tough since it's on dark fabric and the metallic thread is kind of driving me nuts. I'd be eternally grateful for any help getting that one past the "just started" mark. :D


  1. Oooh, nice work on Tatania!

    If you can't decide, post pics of a bunch of projects like Rachel did. :)


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