Saturday, March 13, 2010

too much SEX :p

Hey, not like that! Stash Enhancement eXperience, thank you! :3

So, today we (me and my girlfriend Marfisa) went to 3 Stitches, our closest LNS. Not exactly local at about an hour away, but more local than anything else.

Ohhhhh man. Talk about turning an addict loose in the crack shop. Surprisingly, we got away with only $80 worth of goodies. PICTURE TIME!

First pic is Marfisa's stuff. :)

Little House Needleworks - Fresh Watermelon
Country Cottage Needleworks - Summer Garden
Country Cottage Needleworks - Mermaids (and all the yummy special threads!)

Most of this is my stuff.

Fabricare - cuz we'll need this!
Sweetheart Tree - Cherry Blossoms biscornu kit
Mirabilia - Shakespeare's Fairies
Cross Eyed Kat - Principia

Well, it turns out that the location of Beadoholique that we haven't been to before (there's one much closer) is just a bit down the street from 3 Stitches. It would have been dumb not to stop in, right? So, bead stoppers and some blingy crystal AB beads that we HAD to have.

Um, annnnd my long-awaited order from Stitching Bits & Bobs was waiting in the mailbox when we got home. :D I'm not going to list them all because I'm lazy, but you can see that we're filling in our Mira mermaid collection (and others, naturally), and I've wanted Cirque des Cercles since I first saw it. So there. :p

Plus all the bling needed for me to finish Holly and for Marfisa to finish Sweet Pea, of course! Now I have to get back to work on that... I'm soooo close! Bluebell and her bling pack are for Marfisa. I have to get to work on Titania once I'm done with Holly...

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