Thursday, March 11, 2010

lots of progress

Okay, progress on three things!

Finished my Christmas tree ornament, finally. I had the cording and backing pieces made up for weeks but never glued the pieces together. Lazy.

Finished stitching all the non-sparkly bits on Holly, and started adding some beads. I'm still missing the green braid and red beads, but my order was finally shipped today and maybe I'll be lucky enough to get it Saturday. *crosses fingers*

Progress on Golden Thought - lots! I can probably finish this in one sitting, two max. I don't know if I want to do the border for the "thought" that hangs off the bottom of the finished ornament. I think it says "believe" or something - kind of cheesy, and what are you supposed to believe anyway? In yourself? In fairies? Meh.

Annnnd I need to pack up my stuff for the round robin so I can mail it off this weekend. Exciting! I almost want to keep the project and work on it myself. :D

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