Sunday, March 14, 2010

Holly is DONE!

Holly is finished!

I'm soooo proud of myself! This is the first large project I've ever finished (stop laughing, this is large for me!) AND she only took me about a month! I could have finished faster, but I got lazy after the Olympics ended and I wasn't on the couch for hours every night. I also had to wait about two weeks to receive some of my supplies because something was out of stock in my order.

Here she is! This is a scan for now - I hate my stupid digital camera.

Ah, what to do now? I guess I should finish Golden Thought before starting anything new. Oh, the word on that one is Simplify, not Believe, so maybe I'll make the word panel after all. I like simplifying. I'd be a minimalist if I didn't live with a pack rat! :p


  1. Thank you! She was a lot of fun to stitch. I can't believe I actually finished something BIG!


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