Saturday, March 20, 2010

another finish?!

I promise I'll stop with the finishes. Honest. :)

This is Golden Thought, a little Dimensions kit that I started about a million years ago. I was a bit iffy about the backstitching since it's on plastic canvas, so no quarter stitches - the backstitching goes over whole stitches and looks a little weird in a few places. Overall it looks pretty good, though!

Excuse the bad photo. I hate my camera. Oops, did I already say that? There's nothing wrong with the camera itself, I just don't know how to use it.

Okay, here's my current WIP list:
- Poinsettia Biscornu (Kitty & Me, from a JCS ornament magazine)
- Dragon Rampant (Wentzler freebie)
- Titania (Mirabilia)

See, none of those are quick finishes! I've been suckered into making the biscornu double-sided, so I'm only half done with the stitching. The dragon is only vaguely dragon-like at this point, and Titania barely exists at all.

But the round robin will come first this weekend. Wheeeeee. :)

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