Monday, February 22, 2010

she's got legs!

Not me, the Holly pixie. XD I'd like to thank my genes for making me short and solid rather than tall and slender. However, my calves are buff (not fat!) and I'm pretty strong for a girl, so I guess it works out. I already have amazing hair and a more than just "full" bust, so it would be sheer greed on my part to want more. *grin*

Where was I? Oh, right, the pixie! Her entire bottom half is complete except for beads, the pretty braid, and the white spots on the berries. I just hate the idea of running a white thread all around the back to fill in ONE square on each berry...

I'm also going to participate in a round robin with a few ladies from The Worldwide Round Robins board, so I scanned my UFO project to show everyone. It's Teresa Wentzler's Angel Procession, and yeah, it's not even close to done. :p

I need to remove the skin (sounds scary, doesn't it?) because I want to redo it over one... which means the backstitching has to come out too. Bah! Plus the entire thing is kind of dirty, so it needs a wash before I send it out. Well, I have almost a month to get it into shape and find all the threads...

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