Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holly update & TUSAL!

A little placeholder so I don't forget to post a photo of my TUSAL jar (okay, glass) tonight! Thanks to Yoyo for the reminder. :)

Been glued to the TV watching the Olympics since Saturday, which has been really good for stitching. Like, REALLY good. Two more pictures of Holly, one taken at about noon on Saturday, and one right before bed on Sunday. Crazy progress, and there's a lot more done now too!

And finally, my first TUSAL photo! :)

Ah, yes, the infamous pessimist's mug. *grin* Most of this is stuff from my Holly Pixie, but my girlfriend is working on Sweet Pea and has slipped some of her orts into my mug too. Hopefully that's not cheating. :)

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