Monday, July 28, 2014

OMG, I stitched!

And I didn't stitch a little.  I stitched a TON.

Over the weekend, we watched a lot of TV.  Like, A LOT.  We've been rewatching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in all its terribly acted live action glory, and after watching something like ten episodes in one day, we figured, ehhh, why not just finish the last few in the series?

The last time I posted a pic of Bluebeard's Princess, she looked like this.  That was on January 18.

I stitched on her a bit more since then, but I never took an updated photo because... I don't really know, honestly, but I did finish the fin part of her tail, plus a little bit of the tail itself.

Well.  I went a little crazy over the weekend, and this is how far I got by 5pm Sunday.

By 9:30pm, she looked like this...

And right now, here's how she looks.  Yes, this is a bit deceptive since the other pictures don't show the entire stitched area.  Everything at the bra line and above was completed a LONG time ago. :)  But if you compare the tail, you can see I made good progress this evening too!

It's kind of hard to believe that once I finish her tail, all that's left is the portion of her fin that's on the left of her tail, the border of the piece (still not sure how/if I want to stitch it), and... a TON of over-one skin.  Sob.  Why do I keep doing this to myself?


Ahem.  I guess I'm in the stitchy mood again.  All this progress felt effortless.  It's amazing how well I can concentrate now that I'm not half-dead and worried about being sick.  Yay! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stitch from Stash - July report!

aka STILL Nothing to Report.

Well, I haven't stitched a thing... even had to drop out of the band sampler round robin I was in, because I've just been too tired to focus on anything recently.  Well, I did stitch a tiny bit on Bluebeard's Princess, but it's not worth a picture.  Everything in my life is happening at a snail's pace these days.

New starts from stash:
- none

WIPs or UFOs worked on:
- Bluebeard's Princess (barely)

Amount spent:
Way way WAY over budget.  Blew through the budget I had saved from previous months, plus this month's budget, plus a lot more.  This was my planned cheat month, and I cheated LIKE A BOSS.  I'm not even going to say how much money I spent, so there.

My cheating came in the forms of:
- Crafty Kitten birthday club
- ABC Stitch shopping visit
- 3 Stitches shopping visit
- Stitch and Frog order

Unfortunately, shopping did nothing to bring back my stitchy bug.  I probably won't buy anything else for the rest of the year because I see no "benefit" to doing so... I just don't care about stitching right now.  It's sad, but I just don't have any motivation to do anything beyond the basics, "thanks" to being so sick for so long.  I'm finally feeling better, but there's still a lot of questions about the whole situation, and I'm tired of everything that seems like "work" or "goals" or "stuff to get done" at the moment.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash - June report!

aka Nothing to Report.

I don't want to talk about it, but I've been too sick to pick up a needle all month.  Well, I can physically lift a needle, but if you asked me to do stuff with it, the results would definitely be disappointing!

New starts from stash:
- none

WIPs or UFOs worked on:
- none

Amount spent:
Still nothing.  So that's $25 added to the $26.28 I had left over from last month, giving me $51.28 to carry over into July.  Don't worry, I will totally blow my budget in July, it's my birthday month and that means Crafty Kitten birthday club.  Awwww yissssss. :3

My birthday wishes:
- a diagnosis PLZ :x
- no hospital stays in July!
- awesome rich person pays all my medical bills ;)
- lots and lots of fabric! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stitch from Stash - May report!

This is going to be a boring post with no pictures.  Sorry about that, I really don't have any progress to show this month as I've been too sick to concentrate on stitching.  Or anything else, really.  Hopefully things will be resolved soon and I can get back to making progress posts every few days!

New starts from stash:
- none, sadly!

WIPs or UFOs worked on:
- Bluebeard's Princess (Mirabilia)
- Spring Knotgarden (Chatelaine)

Amount spent:
Nothing this month, too busy with medical dramaz to do any shopping.  So that's $25 added to the $1.28 I had left over from last month, giving me $26.28 to carry over into June.

See, I told you this would be boring. :p

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Rahenna vs. Spring Knotgarden - round two (& bonus stash!)

aka Slow Progress is Still Progress!

I haven't stitched too much in the last few days, to be honest.  I've been feeling a bit blah for a while and today I finally caved in and took a nap.  I know that doesn't sound special, but I'm SUPER resistant to naps because I always feel like my brain has turned to cotton when I wake up.  But this time, the nap actually left me feeling pretty good, so I made some nice progress today!

Once the over-one is done, it's pretty easy to get the minor colors finished.  Then it's just a bunch of two different main background colors.  I still have the background to finish, but it's going relatively fast!

Again, sorry for bad pics.  I always take pictures when it's already getting dark outside...

Here's the whole thing so far!  The new additions are the top right (eyelets and beads), the flowers in the top right corner, and the greenery on the right side.  I also started adding the large crystals to the center portion, since it looks like I can finish parts 5 & 6 without ever moving the q-snap, so there's no danger of the crystals getting in the way now.

Closeup of the sections with progress.  Hoping to finish the grass along the right side tonight!  I might even try to do the eyelets if I'm feeling ambitious...

It's tough to stay focused on such a complex piece, especially since I'm stitching the same thing eight times in a row, but I won't be defeated!  SK will be my focus until I finish, or until my head explodes!

Oh, and I did get some stash!  I had a $200 gift card from 123Stitch that my dad gave me for Christmas.  I'm pretty surprised I managed to hang onto it for four whole months before caving in!  I spent those months constantly updating and rearranging my wishlist on the 123 site, and I'm pretty satisfied with everything I chose to get in the end!

Here's what I got:
- Drawn Thread - Spring, Summer, Winter Arbor
- Ink Circles - Upstairs Downstairs, Blue Morpho
- Jeannette Douglas - Bee Stitches, Seaside Stitches, Once Upon a Tree
- Just Nan - Finchley's Summer House
- Lizzie Kate - Buzzy String, Merry String
- Mirabilia - October Opal Fairy
- Needlemade - Gather Ye Rosebuds
& a full yard of 40ct cream linen (for Rosewood Manor ABC Tapestry)

Some are missing from the pic, but some charts were on backorder and will be arriving later.  I'm hoping that will keep me from whining about wanting stash for a while.  I've been sorely tempted by hand-dyed fabrics lately.  I've entertained myself by putting stuff in the cart at Crafty Kitten, but I haven't pushed the button!  I'll have a birthday club discount in July, so that will be my cheat month for sure...

Okay, enough blabbing!  Time for a shower and then I'll show SK who's boss!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rahenna vs. Spring Knotgarden - round one

Okay, this thing is killing me, but I'm not giving up!  The border is killer with multiple colors, crappy threads (I just looove the squeak of dry silks... not!), solid stitching, over-one, and a bunch of fractionals... plus all the eyelets above that!  But guess what?  It looks AWESOME when it's done so I just gotta suck it up and do it!

Almost completely done with one side... the hard part is done, anyway!  Just need to do some backstitching, some half stitches, and all the specialty stitches.  Am I the only one who thinks the specialty stitches and beading are the most fun?  Some people seem to dread them, but I'm like GIMME MOAR! 8D

Oh, yeah, I'll also need to do the beading at the outer edge but I don't think my q-snap is big enough.  I'll have to get creative with doing that.  Maybe one or two sides at a time, taking care not to smoosh all the other beads on this monster.

BUT ENOUGH TALK! Have at you some pictures. :)

And a closer view of the top, because I am still the worst at taking pictures.

So.  Almost a quarter of the border down.  A LOT more to go.  It would be a lot easier if the silk that's used most in the grass wasn't CRUNCHY but whatever.  I can power through it.  I'll just complain the entire time. :p

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stitch from Stash - April report!

Posting early so I don't forget!

New starts from stash:
- Letters from Nora: A (Nora Corbett) - finish is HERE
- A Day at the Beach (Sweetheart Tree)

I didn't get too far before putting this aside, sadly.  I've done all the companion pieces to this one, and on those, I did a lot of the stitching over-one since that was a suggestion in the directions.  Well... since this is a larger piece, there are a lot more of the same motifs.  If I want them all to match, there's a LOT of things that need to be done over-one.

I wasn't in the mood for that, so I didn't get too far.

WIPs or UFOs worked on:
- Cattleya Orchid (Chatelaine) - finish is HERE
- Floral Fifteen (Just Nan)
- Spring Knotgarden (Chatelaine)

I wanted to finish five squares on Floral Fifteen, but I only did one, plus the outline of four more.  Maybe I'll do more by the end of the month?

Spring Knotgarden is baaaack!  This may take up the rest of my stitchy time for the month.  The only additions so far are the brick-shaped stitches on the bottom corners.  Hard to see in my terrible photo, but it's a pale pink.  I just put this back on the q-snap last night but I have big plans for the rest of the week!

Amount spent:
I had $53.30 in my budget from this month since I didn't shop at all last month.  This month, I organized a group buy of the Mirabilia "freebie" Arezzo from Casa Cenina.  CC only ships by express if you're an international buyer, and the chart would have been about $66 with shipping if purchased individually.  I gathered a group on FB and we ordered a total of 17 kits to slash shipping per kit by a TON!

It was kind of crazy. :p
I only kept ONE, I promise!  The rest are already at their new homes. :)

I also picked up Christmas by Renato Parolin.  My stitching wishlist is very small now and I'm only buying items that have been waiting on that list for a LONG time.  This fit the bill. :)

=== details ===
Arezzo - $28.02
Christmas - $24
total spent = $52.02 ($1.28 remaining)

I'm hoping May will be a better month for stitching, now that Loki's back to normal.  And also hoping that the return of my stitchy bug does NOT also mean the return of my shopping bug!